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On The TrailsHiking trails are what KTA is all about. We hike 'em - we build 'em - we take care of 'em.

Since 1956 KTA has dedicated its time, money and collective energy to the hiking trails of the Commonwealth. Please help! We welcome you to become a volunteer trail crew member. Check out the Trail Care page for when and where we're working.

And if you're out there hiking (and we hope you are) and find a trail in need of assistance - if there's a blocked footpath, missing blazes or signage, washouts, or other damages, fill out a Damage Report form so we can alert the responsible trail group and get the problem resolved. When reported, Trail Alerts keep our friends advised of vital information until that happens.

Our Online Trail Guide is a wonderful resource for detailed information on Pennsylvania's major hiking trails. Click there and find your favorite getaway.

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