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The Keystone Trails Association digital newsletter, The Keystone Hiker, provides information to KTA members and the broader Pennsylvania hiking community about member clubs, public policy concerns, KTA events, trail maintenance activities, trail alerts, and so much more. If you would like to join our newsletter mailing list, please click the link on our front page.

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Note: In May, 2012, KTA began utilizing Constant Contact to send monthly, digital newsletters to our membership and friends.
As reported in the February, 2012 edition of The Keystone Hiker, Keystone Trails Association has committed to reduce paper and financial waste by ‘going digital’ with regards to the newsletter. The newsletter, formatted for the internet, looks quite different than the previous, printed newsletter.
Because we will now be sending a newsletter every month, instead of only four times per year, each newsletter will be shorter, but with fresher and more timely content. In order to save on paper and postage, we may not include the full text of some of our longer articles in the print version. Nor will we include some space-consuming pieces like our membership renewal form, merchandise order form, etc. However, all of this information may be accessed freely on our website. If you would like to sign up to recieve our newsletter, please let us know, or fill out the short form on our front page.
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