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Trail Alerts inform hikers of situations encountered at trailheads or while hiking on a trail or, if you are a trail builder or maintainer, trail alerts inform fellow hikers of relocations to the trail or changes that affect safety.

To report major problems that need the attention of a trail crew or maintainer, such as incursions onto our trails, washed out bridges, sections of trails which have been shutdown by landowners, please use our Report Problems form so that we can alert someone and solve the problem. Pennsylvania's trails and trail users will thank you!


Mason-Dixon Trail Bridge Out: June 8, 2016 Print
Friday, June 10, 2016


Mason-Dixon Trail

Bridge Out

Mason-Dixon Trail near Franklin Township Park, PA

The bridge that the Mason-Dixon Trail utilizes on Century RD near Franklin Twp. Park, PA has been deemed structurally deficient. According to the Twp. secretary they let out bids on June 8, 2016. The bridge won t be rebuilt until between October and December, 2016. In the meantime, follow the autos detour (W-E Hickory->US15->Range End->Century. We will have a map up soon. This detour will add about 2 miles to the M-DT. http://www.mason-dixontrail.org/

Two Bridges Out on Quehanna Trail 1.4.16 Print
Monday, January 04, 2016

The bridges over Mosquito Creek, and in the northwest, over Medix Run, are out.

Mid State Trail: Cornell Road Bridge Print
Monday, April 14, 2014

by Pete Fleszar, VP, Mid State Trail Association


Rothrock State Forest - Musser Gap Area Subject to Periodic Closures Print
Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Report received 3/19/2014

Old Loggers Path Print
Friday, June 14, 2013

Starting on 6/17/2013, construction will start on the bridge in Masten.  Due to the construction there will be very limited parking in and around Masten for the O.L.P.  Signs have been placed where people can’t park.  Hikers need to be aware that they cannot park in the designated campsites, signs have been posted there too.  The road will remain open into Masten but there could be delays and we don’t know how long a person could wait to get through.  Hikers should be directed to other trail crossings for parking.  No one is permitted to cross the ford in the creek above Masten and anyone caught doing so will be cited.  The construction could last until September.  People can call the Hillsgrove Ranger Station at 570-924-3501 or the Resource Management Center at 570-946-4049.  The Ranger Station is open on weekends and evenings.  Pleasant Stream Road is still closed from Rt 14 so people either need to use Rock Run Road outside Ralston or come in from Ellenton/ Shunk area.  People should call for directions.

Donut Hole Trail Print
Friday, August 17, 2012
July, 2012.  Recently seismic charges were placed on the Donut Hole Trail between Farrandsville & Oak Ridge Rd. Some have already been detonated, but others have not. The seismic testing company is still working in the area. Hikers are advised to contact the district office @ 570-923-6011 concerning any questions. The trail will be monitored in the vicinity of the charges prior to them being set off by company personnel to ensure that no one is nearby during detonation activities.  Keystone Trails Association has met with the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to learn more about this issue. DCNR policy is to advise seismic testing companies to place charges at least 150 feet or more off of hiking trails. Unfortunately in this case charges were placed on the trail. The seismic testing company has been alerted to the problem. It is our hope that this problem is not repeated in the future.
Ramsey Run, Tiadaghton S.F. Print
Thursday, February 09, 2012

February, 2012. 5,500 gallons of frack backflow has been spilled on a pad at the top of Ramsey Run, Tiadaghton State Forest. It is not know if the material has entered the surface or groundwater, but that is likely since the spill went unreported for several weeks. The area is being assessed currently. The trail is being posted with signage warning hikers not to drink the water.

Dark Hollows Trail Print
Thursday, August 18, 2011

August, 2011. After first walking onto the Dark Hollow Trail, there is a large tree that has fallen right across the trail requiring people to go off the trail. Also, the trails are not well-blazed and can be confusing at times. The trails are very overgrown as well. Fallen tree within first half mile from trailhead; blaze confusion and overgrowth throughout.

Turkey Hill Trail Print
Tuesday, June 21, 2011

July, 2013. The transmission work is finished.  The trail is now semi-closed due to the Low Grade Trail creation.  The trail is not ready for the public as of now.  Call Lancaster County Conservancy for up-to-date Turkey Hill Trail information, and Manor Township for Low Grade Trail updates.

June, 2011. The Turkey Hill Trail has been closed, by the Lancaster Solid Waste Authority, from the wind turbines to the southern trailhead parking lot. That leaves the trail open only from the northern parking lot, at the base of Turkey Hill, to the wind turbines and overlook at the top. The open section is about 1 mi. The closure is due to the relocation of electric transmission towers and earthmoving activities and will last for about two years.


Tuscarora Trail Print
Wednesday, June 08, 2011

June, 2011. The Bill Miller Trail and Phoenix Trail which intersect the Tuscarora Trail in Tuscarora State Forest (Section 3 (Blue Mountain) of the 2011 Tuscarora Trail Guide to the North Half) have been partially relocated by DCNR to alleviate private property concerns.

Bill Miller now intersects the Tuscarora Trail aproximately a quarter mile further south from the original location. It is blazed red and allows access to a new section of Tuscarora State Forest on the east side of the Blue Mountain. The Bill Miller Trail sign has been relocated to the new intersection.

Phoenix Trail now turns north at the old intersection with the Tuscarora Trail and follows the Tuscarora Trail for approximately 150 yards before leaving the Tuscarora Trail allowing access to the same new section of Tuscarora State Forest on the east side of the Blue Mountain. It is also blazed red. The original Phoenix Trail sign still needs to be adjusted to show the new direction (should be completed sometime this month), and a new Phoenix Trail sign will be installed this fall or next spring where Phoenix Trail relocation now leaves the Tuscarora Trail. (DCNR uses the fall/winter months for sign repair/building).

Horse-Shoe Trail Print
Sunday, August 06, 2006
May 22, 2015. For the latest information about this trail, please go to our WEB site hstrail.org  If in doubt, always follow the yellow blazes when hiking this trail. Please respect the private property through which you hike and stay ON the trail. DOGS MUST BE LEASHED. 
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